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Again, welcome to Crosswinds Philadelphia Financial. We hope your experience with us is a good one. We have a lot of things in the works to make this place even better in the coming months. Don't forget to bookmark this page. We visit other web sites, so if you have one also, please email us.  Send encouragement's, suggestions, questions or nasty letters to:
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Crosswinds Philadelphia Financial

Crosswinds are a wind contrary to your current course.

Philadelphia means the City of Brotherly Love

A city is a place inhabited by an organized communion or community.
Three crosses on a line

Our finances are based on where we inhabit; i.e. where we spend our time, efforts and other "investments". Where do we place the desires of our heart, mind and soul.  Do you want money for the satisfaction it brings?  Do you know that God has a free gift for you?
He has a free gift that truly satisfies -- it is His Son, Jesus Christ. God loves you! Not as men, sometimes seem to do. God always loves you. Love is who He is. Love/God is an action word, a verb. God so loves you that He sent His Only Begotten Son, God's best part to earth from Heaven to show how much he loves you. Jesus Christ of Nazareth died for you and me and was raised from the dead to save you and/or me. Do you know the Lord Jesus in the forgiveness for your sins? It is through the Lord  Jesus which we are satisfied, today, tomorrow and for all eternity! 
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The friendships in our life are very important. Our finances are connected to our friends and acquaintances. For example, many poor stay poor because they chain themselves to poor neighbors. Many of the rich became that way by making rich friends. Many of our fears we pick up from our friends. However, often our encouragement comes from our friends. Let's look now in a little more detail about friends. Oh yes, I know, your old enough to know about friends. Well, may I show you a few points I found in the Holy Scriptures of the Bible? Please put your pointer here and click on friends.
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God's Free Gift 

The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. There are Spiritual Laws (or steps) which must be done to open your heart and let in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. All roads to Christ require FAITH in the following: God does love you, forgives and forgets your trespasses against him. We must be ready and willing to repent, Or turn from our wicked ways, against him and our neighbor. He will "heal" you back unto Him through Jesus Christ. Remember, Eternal Salvation Only Comes through God's Son Jesus Christ.  Prosperity without The Lord Jesus Christ does not give true satisfaction, It's not true prosperity, in spirit and truth.
Try God, the pre-existent, eternally present, the Ancient of Days. For He is the giver of light. The wise and faithful, everlasting Father. More than the Creator, He is also The Way and a Wonderful Counselor -- who is good all the time, not even thinking evil. God, the who that truly satisfies, the Whole and Most Holy One. Only the Holy One can satisfy.  He said "Ho, everyone that is thirsty, come ye to the waters, and He that has no money; come buy, and eat: yea, come buy wine, milk without money and without price. Wherefore do you spend money for what is not bread? And you labor for that which satisfies not? Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye what is good, let your soul delight itself in fatness."
Three crosses on a line

God Truly Satisfies 

Freely and Abundantly 

There is only ONE who can make a promises and always keep them.  Maybe you met  him already, as love.   Remember your first love. ~~ Was not His Spirit with you lovely. [The other person - He chose for you to reveal His Spirit through, ignore for a while.] Do you remember how you served God who was/is/will be Love Eternally.  Were you not completely enthralled with him in His perfect peace, which required no understanding?  Well, ... do you remember some of those good things about that first innocent love...?  Remember Not the romance - remember  the spirit you were in.  Peaceful, gentle, kind, humble, tender courage, and trust.  Didn't He satisfy your true being?  He wants you to be continually satisfied.  Abide in Him.


This web page will give you all the information you more than need to set you before God's Holy Scriptures - The Bible or the Good Book, as well as some helpful and entertaining resources for your Philadelphia Finances. Of course if you are accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior for the first time, read the Plans Of Salvation, give thanks, and pray "a sinners prayer". Then pray to find the church assembly for the healing (growth) of your heart, mind and soul so that you can love God with all your heart, soul and mind. (Relax, this Holiness can only be received through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, not your works.)
Three crosses on a line

This page is broken down into different topics to make it easier for you and God to use.

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Love One Another

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